Redesign a Digital Agency website, it better be good!


The Digital Agency Outra Coisa (Portuguese for Somthing else) needed to rebrand from the previous company name Marte (Mars). They still wanted to retain the idea of a planet and the feeling that it takes the client to another place where their client objectives are reached. 

The previous icon was a 3D rendering of a planet simplified to geometric shapes. I thought it would be helpful to retain the shapes while modensiing the colours to be more flat and brighter with a contrasted background of deep purple representing deep space. 

To help create branding that differentiates and also reflects the approach to clients work the experience needed to be unique and memorable. The idea of the content being overlaid on the planet gives the user a feel that they are traveling through or over the planet. Taking the user to a particular space that represents the company. I was able to work in the shapes and colours take make for an interesting and visually attractive experience.