How to spark your Competitive Fire within


Being an ocean paddler myself this was a great example of designing in a User-centric way to get a product experience that matches how the user wants to be motivated and increase their training potential. The App is intuitive, simple to operate, with the focus on core functionality based on rank.  

I led with the core concept being motivation then built it around ways to keep that lit - stoking your competitive fire. The App is designed around a leaderboard ranking that helps you compete against other people while also against yourself. Using deep blue colour tones paired with brightly coloured tinting to communicate your level of "Competitive Fire", it creates an emotional bond. I wanted to make sure it was a beautiful place, to inspire, a place that kept you coming back and has the core functionality to keep you engaged. This helps users develop a deep connection to their performance and also a collective feeling that comes with being in a competitive group. It's a community of like minded people, in this case people that love spending time on the water in an athletic way.