Design an app that makes learning fun and addictive


Globo, the largest media company in South America needed a new way to reach a younger demographic. A learning quiz app was the response to take advantage of their  phone usage and the mico-moments to learn and prepare for college entry. 

The design needed to respond to and encourage how a teenager learns. Not just help motivate a competitive drive but also spark a curiosity to learn. The design strategy I developed centred around creating a space to fit these objects. This space is a dynamic learning environment full of action and movement. There are two distinct places that I defined in relating to how to learn. One is fast paced and action orientated, is not much time to ponder and reflect it's more a place to feel challenged and grow, test yourself and feel the thrill of learning and improving. The other is a place to absorb knowledge and build on your existing body of learning. 

The use of colour, movement and cohesiveness in setting a defined aesthetic was how I delivered this experience. Warm colours defined the space and set the mood of action, learning, and movement. Quick response to questions with a countdown needs to have a striking use of colour and energy. Knowledge was categorised into 4 main sections. Each section takes on it's own colour to help define the speciality. Principles of harmony and balance in composition were utalised by foundations of Gestalt design theory.

#1Rank in App Store (Education)