Listening to music is as easy as following a curve


I freelanced on a project to create a new music app for Samsung. 

Starting from a User-Centric point of discovery phase, I settled on creating a frictionless user experience of around the concept of a simple curve. This not only described the user experience but also your own individual music taste by the representation of your own music curve. Much like a music wave in describing the upper and lower tonal points of sound a curve represents your sound.    

The user has two main controls to select music by vibe and then by genres within that vibe. Set on a black background the visually striking curve glows with anticipation from brighter ambient colours to low deeper moods of blues and purples. If a lister was running it would sense the intensity of the movement and match the music, in contrast to a similar feature on the marketplace the user can further define the type of music genre. 

Upon continued use the app builds up the users music curve or profile helping it be an interesting experience for users to discover your music curve. It’s an simple entry point into people music tastes.