Connecting plumbing into a beautiful user experience.


Build a website for the manufacturer of pipes and connectors that cares a tagline 'The Innovation Brand' would be a challenge on its own. But there was more. It was crucial  to dialogue with different audiences as installers, designers, resellers and end users, each persona with a different need. 

Artplan, the agency that is part of the same group of companies as Outra Coisa, had produced an extensive document about the communication objectives of Amanco. Immersion on this positioning presentation was a first step into the project and on this presentation it was mentioned the many ways that different Users were interested in the Amanco brand.

Creating a unique experience to each user group that matched their needs was how to measure success. I designed a new type of navigation that was simple to use but offered a fun interactive experience to help uses find what they're looking for. Using spheres matched with the items sold by Amanco so it had a really nice matchup with the brand. It's innovative so will have a deeper emotional connection. Leading with this feature I then designed modular sections that created a user journey to each of the products and main groupings. The site is responsive and needed to maintain a clean modern look that was light visually but also immersive. Balance of design elements needed to be just right to project a professional innovative edge from their competitors.