Global UI/UX Designer interested in the psychology of aesthetics to uncover deeper design insights.


To say I've got a pretty diverse background would be an understatement. It's probably my defining characteristic and informs my design more than anything else. I've also lived in Australia, Fiji, California (yes it's like a separate country) more recently Brazil and now back in Sydney Australia.   

Work-wise I've founded several companies, worked for small and large agencies, bigger corporations like eBay and CNET and been in a few hybrid roles like business development and design consultant. Also Product manager and Producer. It's given me a great holistic perspective. 

Personally, living and working in a few different countries that involve working with different teams and cultures has also informed my approach, well suited to a lean, agile methodology. It also makes empathy and User-centric design much easier, as I've had first-hand experience having to relearn things and start as if I'm a beginner. Working in San Francisco for three years was really interesting being at the centre of design and tech. Recently working in Brazil also is equally informative designing for a whole different market and culture. I was also partly raised in Fiji. Now working in Sydney again helps me reflect how this constant change has been well suited to this industry with incorporating new ways of working and market innovation.


My design process is based on User-Centric design principles. As Design Lead I recently worked with the Google Sprint Design methodology to quickly progress from sketches to UX and then to finished UI, when developed in parallel with an evolving Design Language I found it an excellent way to work closely with stakeholders through the complexity of product design.  On a visual side I also look at uncovering the aesthetic attributes to help solving a problem, not just the visual aesthetic but a wider more holistic aesthetic that takes in a deeper User Experience.